US producer Eyezic continues his strong start to the year with the release of a four-track EP titled ‘Reflections’, a release that bends the conventions of modern music in its cross-genre approach that provides an energetic atmosphere for all to bask within.

Featuring recent single ‘A Moment Apart’, the EP unearths three previously unheard tracks that continue the sonic odyssey filled with a polished production base that encapsulates a significant amount of depth within its track list that is something to be admired. With a highly spirited soundscape on offer featuring bright and vivacious synths, hard-hitting percussion and emphatic bass, Eyezic lays it all out there in the mix and the results are an impeccable collection of sounds that’ll put you in a great mood upon your first encounter.

“The EP talks about the healing period and process from a breakup perspective. You think you meet someone that you think will be the one you spend a long time with; and then with time passing by and you just realize that this may not be the person that is the one for you. There are issues that arise, maybe things aren’t communicated well enough. No hatred towards the other, but it just wasn’t going to work out, no matter how hard the other person tried.” – Eyezic

out now via: Lost In Dreams
artist connect: Facebook | X | Instagram | Soundcloud

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