New York City native longstoryshort delivers a darkened electronic delight titled ‘Part Of Me’, a hypnotic number that’ll be stuck in your head from the second you start listening with its addictive nature.

‘Part Of Me’ begins in an alluring manner with the keys and clock-styled percussion setting the tone amongst the angelic vocals that place the soundscape into a mysterious setting, right before the electronic presence makes itself felt with an increase in intensity courtesy of the synths and percussion making themselves fit right in the centre of the mix. All while the groove is instilled within, longstoryshort manipulates the production perfectly to allow each aforementioned element to have its own breathing room and as such work in tandem to create quite a gripping narrative.

“I want to make music for the club, but I also want to make music for the late night drive home from the club when you’re by yourself and the emotions of life start to creep back in.”—longstoryshort 

out now via: Nightmode
artist connect: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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