ACID STAG is very proud to be one of Australia’s leading independent music news platforms. We have a passion for discovering and sharing new music from all across the globe each and every day, and while our tastes can be quite diverse the quality of music is always guaranteed 🎶

Electro, House, Indie-Dance, Disco, Indietronica, Alternative-R&B/Soul, Vapor Soul etc.


The only way for anyone to submit music to Acid Stag is via our new submission portal. Most people don’t actually know how much time and unpaid work goes into maintaining a music news platform, and one of the biggest issues is the submission process. We receive hundreds of emails every week that either don’t include music links or any assets/information on the release, or don’t even suit to genre/style of music we support on the site, so after 12 years of trying to get people to do the right thing we’ve decided it’s time to change things up a bit, flush out the system and start something new.

The submission fee is paying for our time to read your submission, listen to your song and give you a reply with feedback. That fee does not guarantee placement – if your submission doesn’t suite the style/vibe of our site it will not be accepted.

We don’t want to miss any great new songs/albums/videos from any upcoming or established artists, which is why we’ve kept the submission fee so low. We also want to continue building relationships whenever we can, and as things progress through our new submission process I do feel more opportunities will arise over time as well.

*we do also use SUBMITHUB & GROOVER as secondary submission tools. 

Acid Stag also offers label, publicity & distribution services via Mammal Sounds; if your music sits comfortably within the realm of content currently shared on Acid Stag, feel free to contact us at Mammal Sounds for help with your next release.

Acid Stag’s logo is the work of Sydney-based designer Mulga the Artist.

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