Welcome to Acid Stag, a music news platform that is dedicated to sharing music that we love.

Over the last 10 years we have built a strong reputation for discovering and supporting great new music by established and upcoming artists from all over the world.
We are selective but our tastes are diverse!


Whether you’re an artist, manager, label rep or publicist, we look forward to hearing from you however you must follow these guidelines.

We receive a few hundred submissions every day and while we do try our best to listen to everything that comes through our inbox it just isn’t possible to respond to everyone, but we do try, and by following the below guidelines you can help us make that possible.

If we like what we hear we will get around to sharing your music as soon as we can!

the number one rule is that you must send us a Soundcloud Link with a Press Kit (containing artwork, press photo(s) & press release)

*best submission formatting for everyone is*
Intro [say hello!]
Soundcloud: [insert url]
Press Kit: [insert url] 

● We mainly focus on “electronic music” such as indie-electro, disco, house, dance, alt-R&B, vapour-soul etc.

Always start a new email for each new submission with corresponding subject-line, and do not group multiple submissions by different artists into one email. 

We love making new friends, so personal emails get our attention over automated mail-outs.

● Premiere requests are more than welcome, we just need at least 4 days notice, we don’t require any exclusivity time however the premiere will need to be scheduled to suit AEST time-zone (Sydney, Australia)

● Do not send us unreleased music unless it’s for a premiere request.

● Album/EP previews are accepted for reviewing consideration but you must provide a Soundcloud link.

● All tracks that are featured on the site are also included in our weekly “Acid Stag Radio” playlist on Spotify Apple Music

● Feel free to follow-up with us but do it once only and not within 5 days of your original submission.

Support the Supporters; we don’t charge for submissions, but if we do share your music across our network we feel that it is only fair that you return the favour; following our social media channels is a great way to show your appreciation and by re-sharing our posts you will help maximise your exposure across the combined audiences, which means more plays and attention for both of us!


[email protected]


If you’re interested in contributing to Acid Stag, send us an email with a description of yourself and a sample review to the email address above.


Acid Stag also offers label & publicity services via Mammal Sounds; if your music sits comfortably within the realm of content currently shared on Acid Stag, feel free to contact us at Mammal Sounds with a short description of your project and a Soundcloud preview of your unreleased music.


Acid Stag’s logo is the work of Sydney-based designer Mulga the Artist.


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