I am a big fan of Brooklyn producer/DJ bad tuner, his 2022 ep “back to my <3” still gets a play at least once a week and I have been very eager for this new on to arrive. 

It’s titled “look at me but through me” and it is a very nice six-track collection of songs that he says represent where his head has been at over the last year as he continues to explore new inspirations, collaborations (with Hailes, Cleo Reed and Pollena) and generally just vibing-out on performing more in the live space. 

“These 6 songs represent where my head has been at over the last year and I’m beyond excited to share them with you — each song is a capsule in its own right but as a whole, this body of work is something that should be listened to from top to bottom. Musically was exploring different inspos, collaborating with new artists, and just playing more.” ~ bad tuner (via Instagram)

There’s also a very cool Sonia Broman directed music video for the track ‘caught up’ that has also landed this week, and speaking of live shows, bad tuner does have a few North American shows coming up in April which you can check out below and then click here for ticketing info.   

out now via: Foreign Family Collective / Ninja Tune 
artist connect: https://linktr.ee/badtuner

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