Fresh off the release of his EP ‘Deep End’ late last year, Montreal-based producer borne brings the heat to the masses in the form of his brand new single ‘Silence’, a brooding and thrilling journey utilising a darkened colour palate to further intensify the mix with its force.

With a swift two and a half minute duration, borne wastes no time in setting the mysteriousness across the soundscape with scattered percussion intertwining with the soaring synths and gripping vocals to set the scene for the launchpad of the drop. Once we arrive, we are met with a shift in power through the beats taking centre stage and commanding your attention all while the vocal samples further heighten the soundscape to incredible heights.  

“Let ‘Silence’ be the space where your thoughts dance freely, unrestrained by the noise. Embrace the stillness of ‘Silence,’ where the unspoken finds its eloquent voice. Beyond the noise, ‘Silence’ speaks the language of the soul.”—borne

out now via: Night Mode
artist connect: Twitter | Instagram

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