Just a few months ago Australian producer Dull Reality gave us an exceptional new single titled ‘Fragment’ which was met with much praise and attention from music fans and curators around the globe, which left him feeling inspired to get back into the studio and finish off a bunch of new songs.

He’s coming back to us this week with the first taste of what he’s been working on with his latest single ‘Pragmatica’’, which as he reveals below was inspired by a footbridge in Brussels called Tondo and is a message to himself about being realistic and not getting carried away with things…

When I started work on this song, I had already settled on Pragmatica as the title, which is unusual for me as this often comes later. 

At the time I was feeling inspired by the form and materiality of a mirrored, sculptural footbridge in Brussels called Tondo. It is a beautiful example of a non-pragmatic approach to art and the visual imagery of the bridge became a key part of the lyrics in the track.

Whilst I try to be a pragmatist, I am an idealist at heart. Pragmatica is a message to myself about being realistic and not getting carried away.” – Dull Reality

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out now via: Dull Reality
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