Two of the biggest names in electronic music in RL Grime and NERO have combined forces for one mammoth collaboration in ‘Renegade’, a thrilling release filled with exhilarating instrumentation and divine vocals that intertwine together beautifully to create a captivating soundscape that keeps you highly engaged and locked in from the word go.

‘Renegade’ lures you in during the introductory period, whereby the swift tempo is subtly introduced through the rising synths bubbling away at the surface alongside NERO’s Alana Watson sublime vocals that collectively crescendo into a jam-packed and surging drop where we are met with a ridiculous amount of energy and drive from the soaring synths and powerful drums that shatter the mix right down to its core.

out now via: Sable Valley
NERO: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify | SoundCloud | YouTube
RL Grime: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify | SoundCloud | YouTube

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