Just last month Australian artist Jantoje teamed up with Mammal Sounds Records for a very awesome new single called ‘Runaway’, which featured the vocal work of long-time collaborators Beach Season, and it has been on high-rotation since!  

That release also came with news of a three-track ep titled “Verano” headed our way soon and this week Jantoje is excited to be sharing the ep’s second single ‘Honesty’ which also comes via a very cool Riley Edwards directed music video. 

“Most of my tracks come about from playing around with synths and melodies and this was no different. I was experimenting around with some granular synthesisers and delays where I created the chords that you can hear throughout the track. I also was listening to a lot of Fred Again during the writing process and through in some fred/garage inspired drum sounds. It was then all glued together by a vocal sample I found whilst digging through splice which I re-pitched and cut and wollah, a club friendly Jantoje record.” ~ Jantoje

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out now via: Mammal Sounds Records
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