After giving us a very nice ep back in November 2020 called “Blind”, Australian producer Jantoje (pronounced Jan-toe-jay) decided to take a little hiatus from releasing music, but he didn’t stop making music. He has been working on a bunch of new songs and he is excited to announce he’ll be releasing a brand-new ep in January titled “Verano” via Mammal Sounds Records.

This week Jantoje is giving us the first taste of that ep with the summery sounds of new single ‘Runaway’, which features the vocal work of previous collaborators Beach Season, and it’s going to be a perfect fit for your summertime road-trip soundtrack.

“Whilst writing ‘Runaway’, I was listening to 90’s and early 00’s house music with the classic M1 piano sounds. I wrote a demo using some of those sounds, but it originally had a vocal chop over it. The Beach Season boys got involved as I sent them another demo, but they top-lined over the ‘Runaway’ demo instead. These boys kill it every time! They feature on another track of mine ‘Without’.

‘Runaway’ would sound best whilst going on a road trip with a bunch of mates. I’ve tried to capture this in the music video.” ~ Jantoje

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out now via: Mammal Sounds Records
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