ARIA-nominated, Australian artist, producer and multi-instrumentalist Alice Ivy continues to provide us with cuts from her forthcoming studio album ‘What Makes You Happy’ with a sun-kissed offering titled ‘Wildlife’, a breezy new single that injects a ray of positivity into your system with its uplifting feeling.

‘Wildlife’ achieves this laid-back and carefree feel within its soundscape through those shiny acoustic guitars intertwining with the brightness of the keys and synths, creating a luscious mix that immediately puts a smile on your face with its infectiousness. This notion of breeziness is further accentuated by those stunning vocals and harmonies that provide that extra little sparkle to an already pristine offering that will be the perfect accompaniment to any drive along the coast or beach session this summer.

“I share a beautiful studio overlooking the Merri Creek in Melbourne with Pip and one day we decided to do some writing together and see what we could come up with. We started out sampling my Omnichord (which you can hear all over my new album), added some acoustic guitar and got a cool little vibe going. Then we went into the archives and salvaged an old chorus from a song Pip had started with the incredible Dotan. I tweaked the melody and it worked like magic!” – Alice Ivy

out now via: Helix Records
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