US-bred/France-based artist MarMar has teamed up with New Zealand artist munro for a very impressive new single called ‘Coexistence’, which they say is a celebration of love and appreciation for the diverse array of people who have played a pivotal role in shaping who they are, both as humans and as artists.

MarMar gives us some insight into how this track came together and what it means to him; “My good friend Munro and I wrote “Coexistence” during the summer over a series of zoom calls, and we ended up creating this really different granular based tune which turned into what the song is today. The track is a thank you project to our community and a really unique one for both of us.”

And munro takes us a little deeper saying; “I think for me, it was fun to get literal with the concept of ‘Coexistence’ and explore what that means as an artist. The interconnectedness between myself, the people I make music with, the people who listen to that music. Everything exists because everything else exists. I think that’s even more amplified by Mar and I living on opposite sides of the world. Despite that, we’re still able to come together to create something that’s both uniquely ‘ours,’ while still paying homage to all that inspired it.”

They also did a shoutout across their combined social networks recently asking friends, fans and peers from all over the world to submit a photo to be used in the music video for the release. munro then weaved those images together to create the below visual accompaniment which really suits this song just perfectly. 

out now via: bitbird

MarMar: Facebook | Soundcloud | X | Instagram | TikTok
munro: Facebook | Soundcloud | X | Instagram | TikTok

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