US artists KASI OPI and Charmy have combined their talents for a soothing and majestic new collaborative effort in new single ‘Stay’, a calming house offering filled with plenty of groove and uplift that is sure to put you in a happier state of mind immediately.

‘Stay’ commands your attention with its ray of positivity shining across the soundscape, mainly evident in the bright instrumentation compiled and the grooving foundations in the backdrop that collective achieve a level of vibrancy which simply cannot be ignored. With a deepened percussive pattern hitting in the chorus amongst the lively vocal sample on offer, ‘Stay’ gives listeners plenty of reasons to get up amongst the good times to be had.

“I met Wunil (Kasi Opi) at my gig back in March, and honestly, that was a tough time for me. Making music with Wunil not only kept my love for music alive but also helped me navigate through a rough patch. It’s really special to share a musical connection, and I feel honored to have worked with Wunil. I’m a big fan of his work – the pretty, melodic lo-fi vibes that hit you right in the feels. His music has been a comfort during some tough times this year too! Our collaboration works well because I bring creative ideas, and he’s got ideas and the technical expertise, so we’re learning a lot from each other.” – Charmy

out now via: BonFire Records
Kasi Opi: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud
Charmy: Instagram

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