Australian newcomer Arky Waters continues to make waves with his unique blend of breakbeat and tech-house electronica. Following the success of ‘Take My Time’ and ‘Gum,’ Arky Waters is now treating fans to another sneak peek of his upcoming four-track EP with the release of new single ‘Hercules.’ 

‘Hercules’ is a sonic triumph, combining powerful beats with intricate production elements, showcasing Arky Waters’ innate evolution as an artist. The track serves as a compelling teaser for what promises to be an exceptional EP, solidifying Arky Waters’ position as an innovative force in the electronic music scene.

“I was running through some samples and came across this huge vocal, I slapped it on a breakbeat and it sounded massive. It carried so much spirit and energy. The track came together pretty quickly after that. It just screamed massive desert vibes so I just went with it – I’ve been trying to let go a bit more and allow the songs to form themselves. I reckon it’s the perfect dune-core song.” ~ Arky Waters

out now via: Mammal Sounds Records
artist connect: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | X | TikTok

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