Denver-based, electro-soul artist Maddy O’Neal has combined forces with Chicago-bred electronic producer/multi-instrumentalist COFRESI for a cross-genre delight titled ‘Matcha’ that showcases the absolute best of both artists in a pristine manner overall.

‘Matcha’ flows through various realms throughout its journey, providing listeners with a sense of openness in the initial stages with a booming bass and lively percussive groove setting the tone in tact right before the chorus section hits us with plenty of impact on arrival. With a deepened presence filled with commanding rhythm section and buzzing synths, ‘Matcha’ provides a surge of energy that is elevated that extra bit higher through the calming manner of the vocals on offer.

“The main drop vocal says ‘I’m an OG soul in a new school era,’ and that pretty much sums up this song for me. ‘Matcha’ is one of those songs that truly defies genre placement. It’s got a bit of a grimey hip hop vibe, while also being melodic with playful synth elements and a little bit of pop. I love tracks like that, because I feel like they provoke a certain reaction when you hear it… the songs that you can’t quite grasp, but want to listen to again regardless.” – Maddy O’Neal

out now via: Maddy O’Neal
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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