Sydney producer-songwriter WALKER. has brought through quite an anthemic release filled with raw emotion and euphoria with his brand new single ‘Lost Our Way’, a driving dance release that fans of Fred Again.. will simply adore with its wide-ranging appeal.

Featuring the captivating spoken words of Louis The Hippie, ‘Lost Our Way’ captures the rawness and vulnerability of the words outlaid in such a passionate manner, with the instrumentation on offer working in tandem with the sample and intensifying the release to astonishing heights. With a driving beat setting the uplifting tone in tact, WALKER. utilises the pristine nature of the pianos as well as the energising nature of the synths to create a unique soundscape filled with wonder and hope.

“The song speaks to the universal truth that we’re all on this rollercoaster of life…Some days we are your best selves, living our best lives while others we’ve lost our way and find ourself in the chaos. Louis’s words resonated with me because they reminded me of what it means to be a human. He spoke to our right to express happiness, sadness, anger, fear, kindness, and even our less pleasant sides (sometimes all in a week). His words grounded me and left me with a profound sense of acceptance.” – WALKER.

out now via: WALKER.
artist connect: Website | Instagram | YouTube

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