Arguably one of the biggest bands across the globe right now in Italian rock-outfit Måneskin have finally graced our shores here in Australia after being received to critical acclaim since they burst onto the scene in 2021 on Eurovision, and Melbourne fans were blessed to an absolute masterclass on Wednesday 22nd November with the four piece absolutely tearing MCA apart with their addictive and high-tempo energy.

Completely selling out the stadium months before it was due to kick off, there was a clear sense of excitement and anticipation for what would be Måneskin‘s first trip to Melbourne and boy oh boy did they hit the ground running hard immediately from the opening track ‘DON’T WANT TO SLEEP’, with each member of the band smacking us all in the face with their own individual brilliance and swagger.

With an epic light show to match, it was clear Måneskin wanted to make their presence felt straight away and demanded high energy from the attendees in the arena, with hit after hit of ‘GOSSIP’, the euphoric ‘ZITTI E BUONI’, a personal favourite in ‘HONEY (ARE U COMING)’ and ‘SUPERMODEL’ barely giving the fans a second to breathe with a constant singalong and moshing within these crowd favourites.

What stands out with Måneskin as compared to other acts in the same realm is the isolation of each member of the band providing their own rockstar energy to the stage. Leading from vocalist Damiano David‘s incredible vocals that are simply astonishing with each note sang, as well as his god-like presence putting a spell on all the punters in the room with moments of magic such as the mammoth hit cover of ‘BEGGIN’, as well as the cohesive partnership of bassist Victoria De Angelis and guitarist Thomas Raggi absolutely making that stage their own with De Angelis parting the packed mosh-pit from side to side and Raggi screeching his masterclass of guitar across the MCA speakers.

Måneskin decided to provide a momentary reprieve to the audience, whilst surprising the crowd with an acoustic stage at the back of the mosh-pit that saw drummer Ethan Torchio showcase all the tools in his artillery by jumping on the acoustic guitar alongside Raggi and David for a stunning rendition of ‘TRASTEVERE’ before stepping down for the remaining duo to surprise the crowd with a superb cover of Jet‘s classic hit ‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl’ all to the knowledge of Nick Cester being in attendance.

Once returning to the main stage, Måneskin brought back that high-octane energy with arguably one of their biggest tracks to date in ‘I WANNA BE YOUR SLAVE’ that saw the punters erupt with joy and love for what was rock n’ roll at its absolute best. Maintaining that energy with favourites such as ‘MAMMAMIA’ paying homage to the Italians in the venue, as well as ‘IN NOME DEL PADRE’ which saw David make his own way through the mosh-pit. With the energetic ending of ‘KOOL KIDS’ seeing a rush of people join the band on stage for a real highlight, the crowd demanded more and their wish was granted through a pristine performance of ‘THE LONELIEST’ that sent goosebumps down your arms before one more performance of ‘I WANNA BE YOUR SLAVE’ sending the crowd into a frenzy to give this four piece the send off they well and truly deserved.

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