With a busy end of the year including touring with SAFIA and joining the Beyond The Valley lineup, Trinidad-born / Eora (Australia)-based artist Gold Fang finds some time for his loyal fanbase for an emphatic new single titled ‘Pull It Up’, a powerful release filled with plenty of grit and commanding presence across its duration.

‘Pull It Up’ enters the arena through a swirling sensation in the initial stages, setting plenty of space for Fang’s commanding melodies to take centre stage and demand your attention with plenty of passion packed into their output. Featuring an empowered foundation set of booming bass and deepened beats, ‘Pull It Up’ ensures it leaves its mark on your speakers across all fronts in its swift duration.

“‘Pull It Up’ is a fun song I feel like the age of music is becoming a bit more about enjoyment rather than being deep… don’t get me wrong deep songs are just as good but I feel like I enjoy music more when I’m not thinking to much pull it up is a fun song u can sing with friends family…issa summer one that I think would be hard in dem clubs.” – Gold Fang

out now via: NLV Records
artist connect: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud 

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