American-bred / France-based producer MarMar has given us a few very nice singles over the last few months with “Phoenix”, “Told You”, “At The End” and “You”, and it honestly seems like this guy is just getting started. 

Since settling into his new life in a small town called Hem in the North of France, Mario Pedron has been busy working on a bunch of new music that he feels are an accurate reflection of the MarMar project’s direction.

He has one more single to share with us this year which is a stunning new release called ‘Veins’ that has been co-written & co-produced with Nashville artist Ben Becker

“I wrote the original idea for this track almost exactly a year ago. I was going through the process for my visa and trying to still find time to write, which was super tough. I eventually sent it over to Ben this year, and he began writing to it. He wrote something really special about Faith and it resonated with me and my current life. The track turned into something unique for us both, like a combination of both of our sounds..” ~ MarMar

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out now via: Mammal Sounds Records
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