Australian producer/artist Tyson Kraft returns with his third single of the year in ‘Control’, a smooth and concise dance floor filler comprised of uplifting house grooves and hypnotic vocal hooks that collectively get stuck in your head instantly with its addictive nature.

‘Control’ centres itself around a sense of euphoria and captivation, mainly created through those alluring synths and driving percussion that in tandem sets the mix alight and provides plenty of energy and contagion all within the near two and a half minute duration. 

“A funny story behind this song is that I actually dreamt about making it early one morning about 2 weeks ago. Sometimes my best ideas come from the dreams I have in those moments just before I wake up. So on this particular morning, as the sun was rising, I jumped out of bed and did my best to recreate the song that I heard in my dream. And ‘Control’ was the result. I didn’t spend longer than about 90 minutes producing this track, with the most time consuming process (as always) being the mixdown.
For some of my listeners who have are familiar with my music, they will know that every one of my releases is a bit of a mystery bag, because as time goes on, I found myself interested in an increasingly wider selection of genres. I have been enjoying the challenge of working across jazz, soul, rnb and house compositions lately, and although streaming platform algorithms may hate me for it, I can’t think of a better way to express myself than to explore all of these genres.
This song is about letting go of your inhibitions and enjoying the experience of being human.” – Tyson Kraft

out now via: Tyson Kraft
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