After months of beautiful cuts and glimpses of what’s in store, Eora-based artist and producer Big Skeez comes through with the end product in his debut mixtape ‘Work Don’t Stop’, a twelve-track release filled with a cross-genre influence that sets the scene for those charismatic vocals and flows to shine.

With previous singles such as ‘Hello’, ‘90’s Baby’ ‘Work Don’t Stop’, ‘Go Back Home’, ‘Up’, ‘Bang’, ‘Where Yuh From’ and ‘No Trace’, Big Skeez further hones in on his unique soundscape filled with plenty of groove and free-flowing and captivating melodies that open up the gates to a real introspective journey of himself in his life. With elements of afrobeat and electronic influence on offer, the deepened foundations set in the twelve tracks on offer give plenty of room and space for those powerful lyrics to stand tall and strike a chord with all within their path.

“The mixtape is about my past trials and tribulations, my past life struggles and trying to accomplish my goals through tough situations. I’m talking about accomplishing goals and never quitting regardless of the situation. You keep moving and keep pushing. This mixtape pretty much tells my story from my teen days to my adulthood.”  – Big Skeez

Australian fans can check Big Skeez out at one of his forthcoming shows in December. Check out the dates below and get your tickets now!

Fri 8 Dec – Work Don’t Stop Mixtape Launch @ House of Music & Booze – Eora / Sydney (TIX)
Sat 9 Dec – Work Don’t Stop Mixtape Launch @ Gaso Upstairs – Naarm / Melbourne (TIX)

out now via: NLV Records
artist connect: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud

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