We love discovering new artists and we also love hearing all of the exceptional new music that is being created every day, and our NEWCOMERS series is a place where we get to showcase some of those very talented humans from all over the world.

With so much new music being released these days it is super hard for upcoming artists to break through all of the noise, but there are so many things that us music-lovers can do to help them out like following their social media pages and re-sharing their posts whenever we can; following their Spotify page can also be a big help but we also need to be careful as to which songs we skip when listening to playlists – too many skips on any song can have a very negative effect on the song’s success and this is especially bad for upcoming artists…  

Here’s this week’s NEWCOMERS that we think everyone should be keeping a very close eye on 🎶 👀 

SEYI D BAALE – Original Man [Nigeria]

Armand Tormo – Bordel [France]

33 – Hurry [Bern, Switzerland]

INEO – G.R.A.N. [Belgrade, Serbia]

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