Some of the biggest up and coming artists in the electronic space such as LP Giobbi, UK producer Redfield and DJ Rae have combined forces to produce a mammoth collaborative effort titled ‘Waiting’, a commanding dance offering filled with driving instrumentation and energy that’ll get the people going immediately.

‘Waiting’ smacks you in the face with its high-octane energy held within its thumping percussion setting the tone early on in the piece alongside the swirling synths and echoed vocals that soar ever so high with their beauty. As the track progresses, we are introduced more and more to the euphoria that keeps being drilled into the core of the mix, and once all the aforementioned elements combine together we are met with a wall of sound that cannot and will not be broken down.

“This track came to life in London when Redfield brought an idea into the session, and we started building a track around DJ Rae’s vocals. After some back and forth, ‘Waiting’ was born. I’ve played this track all over the world for a variety of dance floors, and it has been incredible to see how universal this song is.” — LP Giobbi

out now via: Higher Ground
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