If you’re in need of your daily dose of vitamin D, then we have just what you need in the form of this sun-kissed offering from Chris James titled ‘Sugar’, a bright and uplifting release filled with playful melodies and buoyant instrumentation that is as positive as they come.

‘Sugar’ grabs you by the hand and walks you through an addictive soundscape that you simply want to wrap your arms around with its inviting nature. With a gentle yet vibrant instrumentation base of guitars, keys and drums providing a lively uptempo mix, Chris James utilises the happiness in the sky and makes it his own with his charismatic vocals cementing their place in your head for days on end.

I was going through a little creative rough patch while I was trying to crack Sugar. It‘s funny cause the song itself is really about the feeling you have when coming out of a situation like this and you finally get to breathe again, so in a way, the song’s theme reflects the journey to making it.” – Chris James

out now via: Chris James
artist connect: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify | Soundcloud

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