US duo Banyan have teamed up with Australian artist Benji Lewis for a truly captivating release called ‘Anywhere’ which they say explores themes of relationships, community, and finding your way out of the darkness. It’s always so comforting to know that people from opposite parts of the world can be experiencing the same things at the same time. It goes to show we are never really alone in anything. 

Banyan give us some insight into the creation of the song; “We resonated with the vibe and lyrical message of “Anywhere” right away and the haunting vocals set the perfect stage to debut a deeper side of the Banyan universe that we’ve been honing behind the scenes. The record explores themes of relationship, community, and finding your way out of the darkness. For us it’s a reminder to lean on each other and reach out your hand to those struggling whenever you’re able because you never know how much that may mean.”

Benji Lewis adds; “I came across the music of Banyan after some travelling and arriving back to Australia in May this year. I had some vocal ideas around and thought something could really work and line up. So I sent them over. What they have created is full of feeling and space for my vocal to breathe. When I heard the first demo they sent over it moved me, I got emotional. So that told me that it was real and it had connected.”

out now via: Lilly Era

Banyan: Facebook | Soundcloud | Instagram 
Benji Lewis: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram | TikTok

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