Throughout this year, we’ve been lucky enough to witness the mammoth rise that Ninajirachi has taken with some absolutely exquisite cuts that have seen her stocks rise considerably on a global scale all in the lead-up to the release of her new EP, and this week the wait is over with ‘4×4’ dropping via NLV Records and showcases the absolute best of Ninajirachi with a more experimental nature in her compositions all while packing in a considerable amount of energy and passion into every offering. 
Featuring previous releases ‘1×1 ft Ravenna Golden’ and ‘Undo U’, ‘4×4’ picks up where its predecessors left off and continues the high-octane energy within through plenty of blistering energy on display that evokes a sense of euphoria and drive within. Through the use of thumping foundations laid in the thumping beats, booming bass and powerful synths, ‘4×4’ injects a considerable amount of uplift into the speakers of all within their path, and instantly allows us to be rejuvenated and energised feeling like we can conquer anything.
“Making music hasn’t felt this fun and effortless for me since pre-pandemic. All of these songs were made in the last few months with my good friends and they were made very quickly, mostly in under a day, they’re not that serious or deep, they felt fulfilling and easy to write and produce! On this release (& others to come) I’ve been pulling more and more inspiration from the dance music that changed my life as a child and getting closer to becoming the producer I dreamed of being when I first heard it.” – Ninajirachi

out now via: NLV Records
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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