If you’re looking to make a charge into the weekend then we have the perfect accompaniment to do so courtesy of AObeats and his brand new album ‘PraXis’, an eight-track release filled with driving foundations and vibrancy in its instrumentation that will get you on your way.

Throughout the journey of ‘PraXis’, we see a clear focus on a commanding nature within the mixes in choosing the transfer a considerable amount of groove and energy across the soundscapes on offer. With buzzing synth bass and thumping percussion, AObeats makes sure the foundations are rock solid in their manipulation in which the synths can launch themselves from and provide a surging sensation across your speakers.

“PraXis is a project that came about from a desire to create work that was coming from a place creative practice and experimentation with different elements of my influences especially within various dance and club music.  For the past few years, most of the music I have been making has been with other artists or visions in mind, and there is always set mission and goal with the production, and it is often serving as a support system to a main topline or song that has a specific meaning to someone else.  I recently found myself wanting to make more instrumental leaning club music and just experiment with different patterns and sounds with nothing deeper in mind, and this project is the result of that experimentation.  This concept and approach is tied into the cover art (done by my father) who is an abstract visual artist and has a very similar approach when it comes to the practice of creating art.”  – AOBeats

out now via: Moving Castle
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