After a string of successful releases already dropping this year, Belgian producer AMNES gives fans what they’ve been begging for in the form of his long-awaited EP ‘Exutoire’, a four-track release that sees his production prowess on display with a plethora of depth on display for a well-polished output.

‘Exutoire’ sees AMNES delve deeper and deeper into a darkened electronic colour palate, with a cross-genre influence melding with the swarming instrumentation base and captivating vocals to provide plenty of energy and passion into the soundscapes on offer. With booming synth bass presence coupling perfectly with the hard-hitting percussion, ‘Exutoire’ allows plenty of room for the vocals to shine and take centre stage courtesy of those rock-solid foundations.

“During the process of this EP, I noticed that I was talking about myself again through these sounds and themes. In the end, music is just a reflection of my inner feelings, which I can’t easily express in this fast-paced, all-consuming world.” 0- AMNES

out now via: bitbird
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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