Anna Lunoe continues to bring the heat and force into 2023 with another thumping offering titled ‘Deep Blue Sea’, a commanding club-styled offering filled with a significant amount of drive that is the ultimate injection of energy to lift your spirits.

Enlisting the expertise of long time collaborator Jack Glass (Bag Raiders), ‘Deep Blue Sea’ centres itself around a deepened foundation set of booming bass and driving beats that gives the mix that euphoric energy, all while the synths and keys ensure that intensification can be maintained in the highest possible levels. Throwing the cherry on top with those breezy vocals that meld beautifully into the jam-packed mix, ‘Deep Blue Sea’ rounds itself out to tick every possible box on a well-rounded and polished release.

Anna tells us the track “lyrically centered around what I’ve lost and gained through the struggle of the last few turbulent years. It’s sonically determined, intense and hopeful and it absolutely rips on a dancefloor. I am infinitely proud of the world Jack and I created for this and I really hope it finds a home in some other restless hearts.”

out now via: NLV Records 
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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