‘Holding Onto Time’ is the latest single from Australian/Hong Kong artist Nightjarr, which has a sound that can be likened to a mix between Flight Facilities, Cosmo’s Midnight & Bag Raiders. 

This new single is the perfect slice of summertime goodness with its pulsing beats, spacey synths and the silky-smooth vocals from Australian singer/songwriter Jingle.  

As Nightjarr reveals below, this song was first started back in 2021 just before she had to get a double-ankle surgery done, which was then followed by a lengthy recovery period. She wanted to capture a carefree summertime vibe with the overall idea of it being a song about our perception of time and making the most of the little things.

“This track is about our perception of time and how it can be affected by certain things. It always reminds me to let go of the things that do not serve us, and to enjoy the little things. I started the track right before I had a double ankle surgery in 2021, which meant I couldn’t walk for 6weeks during recovery, so I had a sense of urgency to get the draft done. 

The track was done in two summer sessions, and I really wanted to capture that carefree, holiday vibe. I had a lot of fun playing around with samples, tweaking subtle elements, constructing the drum and percussive elements to work around the samples and arranging the track. It was originally going to be an instrumental but when Josh (Jingle) heard the track, he wanted to write lyrics and add vocals to it.

His lyrics are inspired by the perception of time and how that has been affected by lockdown. How a never-ending experience can, in hindsight, be over in a flash.”~ Nightjarr

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out now via: Nightjarr
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