Ben Pearce delivers a striking blend of emotive/dance that’ll strike a chord with you immediately in his new single ‘Read My Lips’, featuring the captivating vocals of UK artist Luke Burr that once combined with the gripping instrumentation and production raise the track to astonishing heights.

‘Read My Lips’ balances the tightrope between organic and electronic instrumentation, utilising the raw beauty of the pianos and strings to provide a dramatic feel to the emotionally-fuelled narrative all held under the umbrella of electronic/dance through the uptempo groove held in the foundations of the mix. Pearce brilliantly manipulates the mix to not only allow Burr to have the space to command your attention, but build a narrative and intensity bit by bit with subtly insertions and rises throughout the journey to take you on quite a ride.

out now via: Perfect Havoc
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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