Jakarta/Naarm-based artist Matahara continues to leave us all spellbound with her breezy display of bedroom/pop music with the release of her second EP ‘Oscillating In Imaginary Butterflies’, a gentle five-track offering filled with uplifting and chilled soundscapes and heavenly melodies that will shift you into a calmer state of mind almost instantly.

‘Oscillating In Imaginary Butterflies’ sets itself up as a calming accompaniment to anyone within its path through a centralised focus on atmospheric elements such as the reverb-soaked vocal and harmony combinations, as well as those bright keys and pads floating across the top of the mix that achieves the highest levels of tranquility and captivation with its crystal clear polish plastered across. 

“Thematically, ‘Oscillating in Imaginary Butterflies’ talks about going in circles in places or with people that are not meant for you. I romanticised my past relationships and experiences because I was desperate for something magical and permanent in my life … those experiences have led me to this moment, have allowed me to feel and be creative. It has helped me navigate life and understand these overwhelming emotions a little better.” – Matahara

out now via: Dolphin Love Records
artist connect: Instagram | Tik Tok | Facebook | Twitter

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