Tako Tomago carefully balances the tightrope between intensified dark electronica and contemplative textural music with his exciting new single ‘Eviscerate’, a track that showcases a significant level of depth in production that sparkles across its near four and a half minute duration whilst leaving an impact long after it concludes with its deepening impact.

‘Eviscerate’ sets up a gentle initiation with the pianos and Tomago’s calming vocals floating through the fog, right before a shift in intensity hits right before the chorus section through the insertion of darkened elements such as a greater synth and percussion influence rising from the surface. Once we reach that climax, we are hit with a wall of sound that explodes through the speakers and sends a sense of euphoria across courtesy of the soaring synths piercing through the mix.

“A lot of effort when I’m writing music goes into making something that will translate at the club just as well as it does listening in headphones at home. In pursuit of that balance, there are beautiful musical dualities discovered. In the case of “Eviscerate”, vulnerable and intimate vocals pave the way for a confident and powerful drop that showcases the hard-hitting Wave sound I’ve come to love. The ability to combine emotions and feels, ultimately leaving the listener feeling connected and inspired, is something that draws me back to the studio again and again.” – Tako Tomago

out now via: Tako Tomago
artist connect: Instagram | Twitter | TikTok | YouTube

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