British/Dutch trio Cubicolor continue to take listeners on profound sonic odysseys with their glowing and expansive soundscapes through the release of their highly-anticipated album ‘Sometime Not Now’, a twelve-track offering filled with intricate instrumentation and haunting melodies that delve into thought provoking messaging of introspection and growth.

Throughout the journey of ‘Sometime Not Now’, we see a focus on succinct and gripping instrumentation that sets the scene perfectly for the emotional melodies to scatter themselves across the mix and really strike a chord with all those in their path. Through the off-kilter percussion and swarming synths on offer, Cubicolor provide various shades of colour to the expansive spectrum on display that keeps you fully engaged and on the edge of your seat long after the track listing concludes.

“When we decided to drop a whole album, it felt like a relief on the one hand but also like admitting defeat on the other hand. We just couldn’t push that train up that hill at that point in time, and that was very frustrating. A lot of doubt and confusion crept in as well because of this. But sometimes you just need to give something time. When we picked the tracks up again in 2020, the doubt and confusion had evaporated. Instead of road blocks we saw opportunities.” – Cubicolor

out now via: Anjunadeep
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