Bag Raiders are showing no signs of slowing down anytime with a string of stunning singles already under their belt this year, and now the duo continue to captivate their loyal fanbase through the release of the powerful ‘Letting Go’, a surging display of deep and darkened electronic music that provides a mammoth surge of energy through your speakers from the word go.

‘Letting Go’ comes through with a real purpose of smacking you across the face with the hypnotising groove held in the percussion as well as the swirling vocals that cement their place in your memory immediately, all while the buzzing synths provide real grit and power to the mix right before the chorus takes full flight. Once we arrive, we are met with plenty of passion and addictiveness with the hard-hitting beats and soaring synths providing an explosiveness across the expansive soundscape.

“This tune is about body feel, freeing the mind and submitting. On the dancefloor, in life, whenever. We can all use a bit of letting go.” – Jack Glass, Bag Raiders

“Letting Go is about liberation, sometimes we don’t allow ourselves to live the full potential of our experiences because we’re holding on to expectations or insecurities or other baggage that brings us down, and one of the best places to drop all of that is on the dancefloor.” – Chris Stracey, Bag Raiders

out now via: Broken Head Records
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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