London producer Couros returns for the first time this year with his cross-genre best through a brand new single ‘i don’t feel the same’, the first glimpse of his debut album due for release next year that showcases a contrast between emphatic power and contemplative reprieve throughout a vast array of production techniques and depth in this gripping offering.

Depicting a personal tale of change within ones life, Couros invites listeners in with an initial minimalistic approach in his instrumentation by allowing the vocals and guitars to set the tone of the piece with their raw beauty. The emphatic nature swiftly makes its presence known, absorbing the gentle and fragile landscape and shifting it upside down with commanding synths and penetrating synths that inject a significant amount of energy into the soundscape. 

“i don’t feel the same” was the first song I made for this record and it’s kind of about change, about realising you’re going to have to turn around and head in the opposite direction. For me it’s a very necessary part of growing and I didn’t think about it at the time but this song also brought about a turn to my roots as a guitarist. Although guitar is my main instrument, I always weirdly struggled getting a lot of it in my own music, until now. There’s definitely a sense of me having one foot in my old sound and one foot in the new and I couldn’t think of a better song to start the record off with. – Couros

out now via: Opposition
artist connect: Instagram | Twitter

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