A powerhouse collaboration of some of Australia’s best in the electronic scene has emerged right before our eyes with Tommy TrashGo Freek and Lucy Lucy bringing the heat with the scorching ‘Darkness Into Light’, a dark electronic delight designed for the clubs with its sheer ferocity and power on display.

‘Darkness Into Light’ immediately brings the dance floor to us with the driving beats hitting our speakers immediately and setting the emphatic tone in tact right from the get go. With Lucy Lucy‘s commanding vocals cementing themselves in our head, Trash and Freek work in tandem with the melodies on offer to build the suspense and intensity right before the chorus period which sees the thick and juicy bass line bring plenty of grit to the soundscape.

“‘Darkness Into Light’ was the by-product of the first debaucherous night after lockdown restrictions eased. Friends reuniting over a sticky dancefloor, finally back on our bullshit after too many months apart. Early in the evening Tommy, Caleb and I had arranged to do a session the next day – a few hours passed and we were definitely still out past our curfew. Caleb and I decide it’s a good time to have a club pash because maybe we were both really excited? We almost out of awkwardness didn’t do the session but we did and we now have this delicious song baby to show for it. Sealed with a kiss. Literally.” – Lucy Lucy

out now via: Club Sweat
Tommy Trash: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud
Go Freek: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud
Lucy Lucy: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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