The frequent collaborative team of French producer Jean Tonique and NYC producer warner case continue to let the good times roll with yet another sun-kissed delight via their latest single ‘shake our bones’, a nu-disco/funkified anthem with infectious instrumentation and relatable lyricism reflecting the need to get up and about after being restrained for so long!

As the title suggests, ‘shake our bones’ enforces all listeners to get up and about moving almost instantly after it begins. This core strategy is achieved with the immediate impact of the funk influence within the rhythmic section, whereby the bass and drums provide effortless swagger and attitude for the vocals and synths to bounce off. With both artists jumping on the vocal front, these lyrics and melodies strike a chord with us immediately as they depict the angst and frustration of the last few years, so when they counteract the buoyancy of the synths we are met with no choice but getting our dancing shoes on.

“Shake our bones” and “daffodil” are the result of a great day in Paris : we met at the studio with warner case on a sunny day, started two songs from scratch, went to have some wine and dinner and finished with a glass of Japanese whisky at home!” – Jean Tonique

out now via: Unity Records
warner case: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram
Jean Tonique: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

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