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If you haven’t heard of German duo DIAVEN just yet then now is the your chance to rectify that. They are still quite new to the scene but we’ve featured a few of their tracks on the site over the last couple of months and they are really are moving from strength-to-strength with each new one they send our way.

Their latest single ‘Enough, Enough, Enough’ is good evidence to that fact, and as they reveal below it is a song about stepping out of your comfort zone and seeking escapism. 

“We see our music as way to process our own experiences and emotions, so it’s always quite personal for us. This song was born out of the feeling of wanting to break away from old familiar paths and leave the comfort zone. So writing this felt really liberating as we experimented with trippy sounds, groovy basses, and even switched up our positions in front of the mic with Paul taking lead vocals.

I really like the ambiguity of the word ‘enough”‘ as it can be used to describe both: On the one hand, being fed up with a situation, and on the other hand, accepting it as ‘good enough’. So it really captures the essence of what the song is about, the inner conflict of wanting to chase your passions but also feeling trapped in your daily work obligations and comfort zone so you just end up seeking escapism in the nightlife”. ~ DIAVEN

out now via: DIAVEN
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