MY PLAYLIST is a series where we ask some of our favourite artists to share some of their favourite songs, and while it may give us a bit of insight into some of their influences, we’re actually more interested to know what they enjoy listening to when they’re not making music.

Vivid Sydney has just kicked off and one of the Vivid LIVE events taking place is MYSTICS: JONO MA, JONTI & BABEKÜHL which sees renowned music makers  Jono Ma and Jonti perform at Carriageworks on June 5th for an evening of experimental audio-visual sound and light – more details on that event right here

We asked the guys to put together a playlist of songs for us this week and they’ve delivered a collection of synth soundscapes, psychedelic excursions and boogie explosions. 

“To steal a phrase from the Hiatus Kayote album, this playlist represents ‘mood valiants’ when you need a little energy refresh or boost. This collection of songs has never failed to provide a lift in my day. The palette extends from the synth soundtrack world we’ve been exploring for our recent Mystics shows, to energetic boogie explosions, to gentle psychedelic excursions and any tracks that have provided us with either an otherworldly or euphoric quality” – Mystics

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