Over the last few months American/French producer MarMar has given three outstanding new singles with ‘Call On You’, ‘Try (feat. LUUNG)’ and ‘Heart’, which also came with promise of an ep titled “Feel Okay” heading our way soon.

MarMar is continuing that ep’s anticipation-build this week with another exceptional single called ‘Imposter’ which features the golden voice of American artist Becca Kruger, as well as some co-writing with Platinum Awarded Songwriter/Producer Robert Gillies.

Back in November 2023, independent electronic music label Seeking Blue hosted a writing camp that took place in a cabin out in the woods surrounding Vancouver, which MarMar was so very humbled to be invited to, and that is where this song was created.

“What a special track. I had a conversation with Becca on the first day of our writing camp in Canada with Seeking Blue where we both expressed how wild it was to be surrounded by such talent. We both felt heavy imposter syndrome being there and were having this great conversation about that feeling, and how it was affecting us that moment. That ended up becoming the base for Imposter, and Robert Gillies joined us to help create the story for the track.

We wrote a lot about how the feeling of being an Imposter also affects our friendships and daily life. It was great to be able to express something as vulnerable as that with this track.” ~ MarMar

out now via: Seeking Blue
artist connect: https://linktr.ee/marmarofficial

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