London producer Sound of Fractures continues to provide us with incredibly profound and polished soundscapes with another gem in ‘Meant To Be’, a soothing electronic number filled with soaring instrumentation and uncompromising grooves that showcases plenty of tranquility to go around.

‘Meant To Be’ captures your attention immediately with a drum and bass styled groove holding down the foundations nice and tightly, all while the ambient pads provide a lightness to the colour palate that allows that calming nature to stay in tact within the core of the release. With those vocals floating ever so nicely across the top, Sound of Fractures ensures punters can have that careful balance between immersion within the groove and taking a step back to relax.

“Meant To Be is about growing as a person and how moments in your life can be so overwhelming at the time you can’t make sense of them but as you grow older you come to terms with how they contributed to making you who you are. They can make you more resilient, more compassionate and better equipped at how to deal with them in the future… and you understand it was meant to be that way.” – Sound of Fractures

out now via: Sound of Fractures
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