Latin American psychedelic pop duo GRLS deliver a menacing blend of darkened electronic/pop for their brand new single ‘dystopia’, the latest single from their forthcoming debut album due for release in 2022 that delivers plenty of force and intensification with its warped nature sending you into a murky dimension.

GRLS immediately from the start instil that sense of obscurity into the soundscape with soaring synths combining with the glowing keys to create an ominous landscape as we begin our journey through the release. The process of intensification bubbles away soon after whereby the buzzing bass lines play off of the stirring melodies which provide a contrast of colour amongst the darkened energy on offer, all while a subtle groove is carried through the backdrop of the piece that further builds on the off-kilter nature of the whole composition.

“Dystopia was conceived one night after a bad acid trip where the lyrics to the original song mutated to have a deeper meaning. The song became centred around PTSD, and the effects that war has on the brain. The accompanying music video was shot in Mexico City and focuses on a girl’s emotional state as she struggles to process the negative emotions associated with a past relationship; her feelings are aligned to the PTSD we experienced on our bad trip.” – GRLS

out now via: MOVIDA MÚSICA
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