DRKTMS continues his collaborative relationship with Milesikco with their silky smooth brand of alternative R&B with their brand new EP ‘Before They Love Us’ which showcases the polished production prowess of DRKTMS and the charismatic approach of Milesikco‘s melodies that intertwine together for a laid back delight.
‘Before They Love Us’ encompasses a significant amount of confidence in all facets of the release, such as the manipulation of Milesikco‘s soulful tones that stand firm in the centre of the mix or the polished approach to the deepened instrumentation that carries a considerable amount of groove and charisma. Both DRKTMS and Milesikco manage to set the mood just right in their individual offerings to each piece, and in doing so produce a co-operation that melds easily into one another with absolute ease.
“We’ve been working on this EP through the whole year of 2021 in my basement studio. All the production, songwriting, recording, mixing and mastering, was done by me and Milesikco. It was an awesome journey – for me, it marked the completion of my first bigger project, which really helped me to level up my skills in music production and being an artist in general. We’re really happy to share these songs with everyone, and we’re excited to be right back in the studio to create more music.” – DRKTMS

out now via: sur:kit
artist connect: Instagram | Soundcloud

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