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Korean-American artist Tsu Nami returns once again through a gentle and calming new single alongside Luma titled ‘Dream About You’ that sees a bright and bubbly soundscape created that serves with the sole purpose of lifting your spirit with its positivity spreading across your speakers.

Originally ‘Dream About You’ sets up an intriguing introduction filled with openness and wonder through the scattered nature and vocal samples, gently introducing the upbeat nature through the playful beats and softened bass line that allows just the right amount of room for Luma‘s sparkling vocals to shine across the soundscape. Tsu Nami maintains the brightness all the way through with subtle insertions of glistening synths and keys that provide a buoyancy to the already spirited mix, and ensure that appealing nature is maintained all the way through to the end.

“I think it should be noted that ‘Dream About You’ is a total woman-made collaboration. This is always an important and exciting milestone in the world of dance music and I feel lucky to be a part of it.” – Luma

“There’s little cinematic, movie-like scenes that play in my head when I’m listening to music, almost like I’m imagining my own little music videos. I’m hoping the same occurs with my listeners as well.” – Tsu Nami

out now via: bitbird
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