Following on from their highly acclaimed sophomore album ‘Yesteryear’ in 2020, Cosmo’s Midnight are back with a breath of fresh air in their new single ‘Titanic’, a sun-drenched offering filled with uplift and vibrancy through a breezy soundscape that transports you mentally poolside no matter where you are.

‘Titanic’ brings forth a contrasting nature between the positiveness created in the instrumentation comprised of a funk-influenced rhythm section of an intoxicating groove and smooth bass and shiny guitars, with a more downbeat approach to the hazy lyricism and melodies depicting a realism before chaos occurs.This notion continues further in the accompanying music video directed by Tim Nathan which sees the duo’s faces overlaid on two younger dance stars busting a move and slowly but surely winning a crowd over at a talent show.

“‘Titanic’ kind of feels like a thematic progression from Yesteryear. It’s reflecting on past regrets but instead of Yesteryear where it’s kind of got this hint of optimism to it, ‘Titanic’ is kind of pessimistic with the lyrics ‘you said we’d be okay but I don’t feel that way’. It’s like the moment just before everything spirals downwards.” – Cosmo’s Midnight

Stream: Nite High / Sony Music
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