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Brighton producer El Train continues to bring the fire in 2021 with not one but two brand new singles for us to enjoy with ‘HOLLA’ and ‘OPTIMISM’, two contrasting singles showcasing the full range of El Train‘s production skillset with elements of late night and off kilter inspiration on offer throughout.

‘HOLLA’ takes us into a more laid-back feeling throughout its duration, with the effortless vocals of LIFE & Gilly Heller displaying plenty of charisma alongside the already flavoursome foundations set in the crunchy percussion and enigmatic bass. Meanwhile, on the other side of things ‘OPTIMISM’ does what its title suggests and goes down a more experimental direction that evokes influence from the likes of Flume with quirky synths and booming bass & drums jumping around the mix in a sparse manner that keeps you fully engaged throughout both offerings.

“‘HOLLA’ was an instrumental I started way back at the start of last year. I’d been wanting to work with LIFE for a while, I sent him a folder of ideas and this was the one that stuck. LIFE asked Gilly Heller to jump on and this is what we got! ‘OPTIMISM’ was a beat I started on Twitch earlier this year. I asked for people to send samples to work with, Paal sent this drum loop over and I built the track around it.” – El Train

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