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With news of a forthcoming album ‘Friends That Break Your Heart’ on its way in September, James Blake delivers a divine new glimpse of what’s in store through ‘Life Is Not The Same’, a haunting offering filled with Blake’s mesmerising vocals and those R&B influenced grooves that were such a major component of his 2019 album ‘Assume Form’.

Produced by Blake, Joji, Khushi and production duo Take a Daytrip, ‘Life Is Not The Same’ provides a minimalistic approach to its composition with a combination of deepened beats & beautiful pianos setting the tone for Blake’s utterly stunning vocals and even more impressive harmonies that acts as an instrument itself to fill the remainder of the space left in the mix with a fog effect.

Fans can catch James Blake on his upcoming US ‘Friends That Break Your Heart’ Tour later this year. Check out the dates below and click here to get your tickets.

Stream via: Polydor
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