Vancouver producer Tails continues to provide us with highly spirited glimpses of what’s in store for his forthcoming ‘Photos of the Sun’ EP with his new single ‘tic tac toe’, an indie-pop gem full of sparsity and uplift that enlists Laye and Kelland on collaborative duties.

‘tic tac toe’ provides us with a much needed injection of positivity with its insanely vibrant instrumentation of playful percussion and bouncy synths that compliment the hazy vocals that collectively result in an engaging mix that is sure to lift your spirits immediately after your first listen.

“I want the continuity and consistency of my music to come from sound selection, mixing style, and overall vibe instead of genre labels. So this track to me really helps to round out the EP with something a little bit more fun and pop-y that still stays true to my sound!” – Tails

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