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Dutch musician and visual artist YOUNG & SICK provides a quirky new single showcasing a vast array of colour across its duration titled ‘ANGELS’ which features MUNYA on the vocal front for what is the first taste of a forthcoming album titled ‘BROTHER’ via B3SCI Records.

‘ANGELS’ enters the arena in an elegant yet nostalgic manner with the restrained yet captivating vocals leaving us stunned alongside the divine pianos that set the scene just right. Young & Sick provides that off-kilter nature through the deepened percussion setting the groove in tact, whilst setting the mix on fire with those screeching guitars that soar right across the soundscape.

“Saying what a song is about can be thorny. Explicating something that you had to claw from your subconscious is usually a clumsy affair, sometimes we have to approach ideas obliquely in order to address them all. It is much easier to say who the song is for and move on from there. So, let’s say this song is for our dumb-asses being alive, and then let’s say this song is about providence or grace.” – Young & Sick

Stream via: B3SCI Records
Artist Connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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