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Rejjie Snow follows up on his critically acclaimed 2018 debut album ‘Dear Annie’ with the release of ‘Baw Baw Black Sheep’, a fourteen track offering that provides pristine hip-hop and R&B soundscapes that are extremely smooth and dreamy that you will find yourself lost within as well as a short film titled ‘reaching up to heaven with a broken wrist’.

Featuring MF DOOM, Tinashe, Snoh Aalegra and grouptherapy. and previously released singles ‘Disco Pantz’, ‘Mirrors’, ‘Relax’ and ‘Cookie Chips’, ‘Baw Baw Black Sheep’ indulges us with a carefree manner in its melodic composition flowing ever so freely across the mix whilst we are instilled with a smoothened groove created by the energetic beats and instrumentation compiled.

“I approached [Baw Baw Black Sheep] lightheartedly from the point of view of making a short film through music…I always loved Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. I watch it all the time. I thought of Baw Baw Black Sheep like a soundtrack to it. I put the movie on with my album, and they synced up perfectly. I tried to tap into all of these feelings. The music is really colorful, and the lyrics are often happy, because that was my state of mind.” – Rejjie Snow

UK and Ireland fans can catch Rejjie Snow live across September and October for his ‘By Myself’ tour.

Check out the below dates and get your tickets here.

Stream via: Honeymoon
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